12 September 2018

NFPA 13 – the Standard for Fire Protection System Design

NFPA 13 is the American standard for the design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems. A constantly evolving standard Sprinkler systems first appeared in the middle […]
15 May 2018

Changes to seismic regulations for Seveso sites (3 March 2018)

Existing upper- and lower-tier Seveso sites must undergo a seismic study according to the seismicity zone in which it is located, pursuant to article 12 of […]
16 April 2018

Fire control of flammable liquid storage tanks at ICPEs subject to the Order of 3 October 2010

Fire protection of above-ground tanks classified under section 1436, 4330, 4331, 4722, 4734, 4742, 4743, 4744, 4746, 4747 or 4748, or, for crude petroleum, section 4510 […]
10 April 2018

Determining a Sprinkler budget

Automatic water sprinkler-type systems represent a substantial investment for industrial companies. The budget required depends on the design of the sprinkler system and the layout of the site. The design may […]
8 December 2017

Fire Safety in Clean Rooms

A “clean” room, as defined in ISO standard 14644-1, is a room where particle concentration is controlled in order to minimise the introduction, generation and retention […]
20 November 2017

Fire safety advice upstream of a construction project

A construction project must often reconcile very different – and sometimes contradictory – objectives: appearance, surface area, use, cost, structural strength, etc. One of the components […]
24 October 2017

Smoke ventilation

Introduction to smoke ventilation Smoke ventilation systems are designed to prevent the confinement of smoke and hot gases at high points of buildings by controlling air flows during a […]
11 September 2017

Fire detection at the core of the waste treatment and recycling sector

The waste treatment and recycling sector has changed considerably in recent years. A complex – and costly – automated process has been created to offer high-performance production facilities which […]
1 May 2017

Insurer Standards in fire safety

Implementing Fire Safety Systems Fire is the leading cause of industrial accidents. It poses risks in terms of human safety and loss of production, making fire […]
2 February 2017

The arrival of the Airbus A380 and its effect on aircraft hangar fire protection standards

Hangar fire protection standards– The Airbus A380 – the world’s largest passenger airliner and the third biggest aircraft in history – was revealed to the public […]
3 January 2017

Tighter regulations for photovoltaic systems at classified facilities subject to specific environmental protection legislation

The Order of 25 May 2016 relates to the prevention of accident risks within ICPEs subject to authorisation. More specifically, it addresses the issue of solar […]
30 November 2016

Companies need a Business Continuity Plan

The purpose of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to anticipate events that seriously disturb the smooth running of your firm and to set up a strategy that […]