ICPEs are industrial and other concerns that are subject to specific environmental protection legislation due to the nature of their activity.

Some of the sections require the implementation of fixed fire protection systems, depending on the adopted thresholds.

Special mention is made of the following:

  • Section 1432: Storage of flammable liquids in manufactured tanks.
  • Section 1510: Storage of combustible materials or products in quantities of over 500 tonnes in covered warehouses.


Section 4331 (initially 1432) on flammable liquids

Industrial concerns targeted by the amended order of 3 October 2010 relating to the storage of flammable liquids in above-ground tanks must state whether or not they will rely on the public fire and rescue services, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Depending on whether the industrial concern is autonomous or not in terms of fire control, water and foam concentrate requirements are calculated on the basis of Annex 5 of the order or according to the requirements of chapter 5 of standard EN 13565-2.

Article 43-3-1 of the order states that the deadline for completing work vary with the nature of the autonomous regime. Work must be completed:

  • before 31 December 2018 for “autonomous” industrial concerns;
  • before 31 December 2020 for industrial concerns relying on public fire and rescue services.

Requirements vary considerably depending on the chosen calculation method. Cyrus Industrie can help you to optimise your water/foam concentrate requirements and, therefore, the cost of the upgrading work to ensure compliance.