Industrial risk management, environmental protection

VEOLIA La Chaize le Vicomte

Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Heat flux calculations

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  • Waste transit and sorting platform
  • Refit of storage facilities for scrapped furniture
  • Calculations of heat flows in waste storage facilities


Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Conceptual definition of fire protection equipment for flammable liquid bulk storage facilities in view of the 3 October 2010 Order

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  • Surface treatment manufacturing plant
  • Updating of heat flow calculations for flammable liquid storage facilities
  • Conformity study to ensure compliance with the 3 October 2010 Order on flammable liquid storage
  • Proposal for improvements to the fire control system


Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Hazard assessment

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  • Green waste composting platform
  • Simplified hazard assessment


Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Official notification file

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  • Gelling agent production plant
  • Constitution of the file submitted to the local authorities under the official notification procedure (Porter à Connaissance), relating to the new precipitation unit


Rules/Standards :

Assignment : HAZOP study

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HAZOP study on the skincare product manufacturing plant

MSA - Air Liquide - Roussillon

Rules/Standards :

AssignmentSIL study

S.I.A.A.P. Seine Aval

Rules/Standards :

AssignmentFire control plan

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  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Conceptual definition of fire hydrant outputs per D9
  • Design of fire hydrant layout according to local permit requirements and following the modelling of fire scenarios generated by the project