Olivier Giraudet, Project Manager


We called on Cyrus Industrie to manage our project involving the complete modernisation of the fire control system at our petroleum depot (water storage tank, pumping equipment and water injection system from reservoir). To prepare the tender specifications, the Cyrus Industrie team got a handle on the existing installations and brought their experience to the table. They relied on external expertise in areas where their own knowledge was more limited. On examining the bids, we were satisfied with the way they managed the subcontractors. For the work itself (two 6-month periods), we asked them to provide 100% project follow-up in the field, which they implemented. We are delighted with the way they managed the field personnel as they permanently ensured that there was enough staff cover to avoid losing progress on the site work. We were delivered good quality, detailed reports. Overall, we were happy to work with a young team who really got involved in the project and who were always willing to rethink things over when necessary to see it through to a successful conclusion.  

Gautier Frégona, Head of Classified Facilities and Urban Planning


We were confronted with some fire control issues at our waste treatment and recycling facilities in south-east France. After contacting several specialist design consultancies, we opted to work with Cyrus on this project. It was the first time we had called on them. We appreciated their involvement on each case as each site is different and the reports delivered lived up to our expectations in every way. We were able to talk to them about the various proposed solutions to take on board economic aspects and operating constraints. As the design phase was successfully completed, we also commissioned them for the execution and site work follow-up. We shall have no qualms about contacting them again should we be faced with other issues!