Rules/Standards: ICPE 4331

Assignment: Detailed engineering designs and assistance with contractor selection process.

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Partial engineering mission for fire protection of Parc C at the SFDM oil depot in La-Chapelle-Launay (western France).
  • Audit of outdoor installations (underground piping systems and above-ground tanks).
  • Detailed design.
  • Architecture, process flow diagrams and electricity and automation drawings.
  • Writing of the particular technical specifications.
  • Estimate of the costs of the various solutions planned.
  • Writing of tender documentation.
  • Assistance with contractor selection process.


Rules/Standards: ICPE

Assignment: Preliminary dimensioning analyses.

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Technical assistance services in the scope of the fire protection project at the Oiltanking Mediaco petroleum depot in Martigues (southern France).
  • Preliminary dimensioning calculations for the fire protection installations.
  • P&ID of the fire protection system.


Rules/Standards: Specific to TOTAL

Assignment: Technical assistance and particular technical specifications.

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  • Assistance with the design of the video surveillance and access control system at the distinct sites of Poincaré, Base Industrielle, K4 Ouest and Djéno.
  • Writing of detailed technical specifications of the hardware.
  • Writing of the particular technical specifications.



Assignment: Conceptual design

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Conceptual design of the firefighting system at the Geopetrol SA site in Pécorade (SW France).
  • Process flow diagrams and P&ID.
  • Design assistance and consulting.
  • Calculation of water and foam concentrate requirements.