Rules/Standards: APSAD R1

Assignment: Audit and basic preliminary design of site fire protection.

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Audit of the site’s fire protection installations (sprinklers, fire hose reels, hydrants and water retention basin).
  • Inventory and readings on site.
  • Writing of the summary report.
  • Recommendations and costing.
Following the compliance audit conducted by Cyrus Industrie in 2015, it appears that the water supply (pump system and tank) no longer complies with the new version of APSAD regulation R1.
  • Inventory of the pumping system.
  • Analysis of compliance in relation to the current APSAD regulation before upgrading in 2021.
  • Pump system layout.
  • P&ID.
  • Budget estimate of upgrading work to ensure compliance.


Rules/Standards: APSAD R7

Assignment: Audit

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Audit of the Fire Safety System (FSS) and the Fire Safety Control Panel (FSCP) of the Jacob Production building, located at the Sanofi Aventis Biolaunch site in Vitry-sur-Seine, on the outskirts of Paris.
  • Document analysis.
  • On-site audit.
  • Writing of the summary report.


Rules/Standards: FMG 2-0

Assignment: Technical assistance

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Hydraulic calculation and assistance mission for the mains water supply to the sprinkler installation in the new building at the Sensient Cosmetic Technologies site in Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône, near Paris. Conceptual definition:
  • Hydraulic design calculations.
  • Assistance with information retrieval.
  • Budget estimate.

MERCK – Semoy (45)

Rules/Standards: APSAD R1

Assignment: Thirty-year audit

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Restoration of sprinkler installation compliance with the latest edition of APSAD regulation R1.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Presentation of hydraulic design calculations.
  • Writing of a design report.
  • Calculation of the budget.


Rules/Standards: APSAD R1

Assignment: Project management

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Project management of the site’s new fire pumping equipment.
  • Detailed design.
  • Tender documentation.
  • Works supervision.


Rules/Standards: APSAD R1

Assignment: Site work follow-up.

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Sprinkler fire protection (ESFR, spray) of three logistics warehouses in activity.
  • Approval of construction documents.
  • Site work follow-up.
  • Assistance with acceptance operations.

SHISEIDO – Orléans (45)

Rules/Standards: APSAD R1

Assignment: Fire control plan.

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Preparation of a fire control plan that complies with the relevant sections of ICPE (environmental protection) legislation. The Shiseido site in Gien, near Orléans, is bound by a registration requirement under ICPE section 4331 relating to flammable liquid storage facilities.
  • State of above-ground basins.
  • Compliance analysis.
  • Layout.
  • Benefits of a borehole to refill the tanks with water.
  • Process flow diagram of the installation.
  • Pre-dimensioning.
  • Budget estimate.


Rules/Standards: NF EN 13565-2

Assignment: Conceptual definition

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Conceptual definition of the fire protection system for the flammable liquid storage facility at the Guerlain site in Orphin, near Paris.
  • Fire protection of the flammable liquid storage facility.
  • Conceptual pre-definition relating to fire detection and protection (water and foam concentrate equipment), discrepancy analysis.