Basic Preliminary Design

The purpose of the preliminary design phase is to confirm the feasibility of the intended solutions and to establish the system’s main features. The phase includes:

  • Defining the protection in relation to the risk (surface area, density and application rate).
  • Identifying the necessary related works (reorganisation of premises, interconnected processes, etc.).
  • Project planning.
  • Financial assessment of the project per item and technical/financial breakdown

Detailed design

We propose a range of services during the preliminary detailed design phase:

  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Detailed designs of the adopted solution (pipe routing, support schedules) during the preliminary design phase.
  • The close-up isometric view and hydraulic design calculations of the installations.
  • Dimensional design and guide drawings for the layout of the valve room and foam concentrate storage and proportioning system (if necessary).
  • Proof-of-principle designs and single-line process flow diagrams for the electrical/instrumentation/alarm control components.

Writing of technical specifications

Cyrus Industrie produces technical specifications relating to fire protection systems and installations in accordance with your expectations, your insurer’s recommendations and relevant current standards. Our technical specifications especially include:

  • Any applicable legislation and regulations.
  • General description of the works/service package.
  • Dimensional design of the systems.
  • All general and specific technical specifications.
  • Process flow diagram for the systems and installations.
  • Supply limits and the interfaces between packages.
  • Explanation of how protection systems are to operate.
  • Adequate consideration of any site-specific constraints.
  • Quality assurance requirements.
  • Installation maintenance.

Site work follow-up/supervision

Cyrus Industrie offers tailored monitoring solutions (permanent presence or regular or ad-hoc visits) for optimum assistance during the period of work. Our services during this phase specifically cover:

  • Monitoring of the works schedule.
  • Planning and coordination of the contractor’s presence on site.
  • Participation in weekly site meetings and the writing of minutes.
  • Checking the compliance of works with the contractor’s drawings during performance and upon completion.
  • Checking actual progress of works against the amounts invoiced by contractors.
  • Mechanical acceptance testing of the works.
  • Monitoring of outstanding work stipulated during acceptance operations through to final completion.

Installation acceptance tests

The acceptance test will be conducted to verify the installation’s compliance with regulations, using an APSAD or NFPA-type procedure.

This performance-based acceptance test may be conducted in the presence of the insurer or any official body (fire and rescue service, inspection bureau, or regional government department of environment, planning and housing).

Performance tests

Cyrus Industrie helps you validate the performance levels of fire protection installations:

  • Fire/smoke tests.
  • Pump curve verification.
  • Flow rate tests on deluge installations.
  • Foam concentration checks.

Supervision of installation commissioning

During the installation commissioning supervision phase, Cyrus Industrie:

  • Performs mechanical tests for installation acceptance on completion of the works.
  • Supervises pipe rinsing operations carried out by the installer.
  • Supervises hydraulic tests on piping.
  • Assists with the commissioning of equipment and accessories.
  • Checks that pump system data is correctly transferred to the site’s fire monitoring system.