Company : SEVADEC - Calais (northen France)

Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Feasibility study of fire protection at Sevadec’s future residual household waste recycling facility in Calais.

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  • Verification of the dimensions of the proposed fire control equipment.
  • Itemised budget estimate.
  • Pre-dimensioning design calculations of the various systems.
  • Production of zoning plans, basic engineering drawings and associated diagrams for the fire detection and extinguishing systems.
  • Proof-of-principle, assumption and dimensioning documents relating to the firefighting equipment.


Company : SYCTOM ISSEANE - Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris)

Rules/Standards : APSAD

Assignment : Technical diagnostics and sketches of solutions to improve the operation of the fire system.

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  • Technical assistance.
  • Operational diagnostics.


Company : SYCTOM – Romainville (near Paris)

Rules/Standards :

Assignment : Installations diagnostics

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  • Site readings and measurements.
  • Documentary studies.
  • Writing of the diagnostic report.


Company : DHL – Loire-sur-Rhône (near Lyon)

Rules/Standards: ICPE

Assignment: Feasibility study

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  • Analysis of the existing smoke ventilation system and verification of compliance with regulations.
  • Identification of regulatory requirements associated with the building.
  • Discrepancies with regulations and costed improvement recommendations.
  • Writing of a summary report to be integrated into Girus’ document.


Company : EDF – Saint Barthélémy

Rules/Standards: APSAD

Assignment: Project management assistance, Fire protection and HAZOP studies.

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Planned extension of an EDF power plant in Saint-Barthélemy (sprinkler, foam deluge, fire hose reel).
  • Project management assistance for the “Fire” package.
  • P&ID, detailed drawings of fire protection.
  • Hydraulic design calculations.
  • HAZOP studies.


Company : URBASER – Fos-sur-Mer (near Marseille)

Rules/Standards: APSAD et NFPA

Assignment: Technical assistance

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  • Approval of construction documents and drawings.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Works supervision.
  • Preparation of acceptance operations.
  • Analysis and drafting of the diagnostic report.
  • As-built documentation analysis.
  • Production of drawings and design calculations.
  • Production of tender documentation.


Company : PURINA LOGISTICS – Bienne (northen France)

Rules/Standards: APSAD

Assignment: Preliminary and detailed engineering design/Tender documentation

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  • Preliminary design phase.
  • Detailed engineering design and Tender documentation phase.
  • Deliverables (Fire Protection (sprinkler/fire hose reel) package for both phases).


Company : SEDF – Brennilis (Brittany)


Assignment: Feasibility study.

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Feasibility study for fire protection of the facility by D-class powder (burning metals) in the scope of reactor vessel decommissioning at the EDF Brennilis power plant.
  • Dimensional design of the storage tank and propulsion system.
  • Dimensional design of the circuits and diffusers.
  • System P&ID.
  • Definition of the system’s main technical characteristics.
  • Budget estimate.