Rules/Standards: FM Global

Assignment: Basic preliminary design.

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Basic preliminary design for fire protection at the Stepan Europe workshops in Voreppe (near Grenoble). The main aim of this project is to install a sprinkler system in workshops C and G (400 and 300 sq.m respectively).
  • Preliminary design.
  • Basic design of the various conceivable solutions (sprinkler, deluge, etc.).
  • Pre-dimensioning design calculations (flow rate, pressure, manifold diameters) for each system.
  • Process flow diagrams and basic engineering drawings.
  • Budget analysis.

MERCK – Calais and Meyzieu

Rules/Standards: NFPA and FM Global

Assignment: Detailed preliminary design and EPCM

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Engineering mission for the installation of fire detection and protection systems at the Merck sites in Calais and Meyzieu, near Lyon.
  • Detailed designs.
  • Preparation of tender documentation.
  • Assistance with the contractor selection process.
  • Construction and Management.


Rules/Standards: NFPA 11, 13 et 15

Assignment: Technical assistance and design.

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Technical assistance in relation to the planned alterations to the fixed fire protection installations for the Orgasol unit at the Arkema factory in Mont (SW France).
  • P&ID of the fire protection system.
  • Design of the foam system.
  • Dimensioned isometric drawings of the fire protection system.
  • Hydraulic design calculations.
  • Design optimisation based on results of the hydraulic calculations.
  • Definition of specific equipment: valves, foam concentrate storage and proportioning system.
  • Definition of the fire detection, controller and alarm transfer systems.


Rules/Standards: NFPA

Assignment: Basic preliminary design for budgeting.

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Basic preliminary design of fixed, water-based fire protection installations for the Chevron Oronite site in Le Havre. The purpose of this study is to provide Chevron Oronite with a cost estimate to be used as a basis for the firm’s application for funding to upgrade its fire protection installations over the 2015–18 period.
  • Basic preliminary design.
  • Routing plan and layout.
  • Hydraulic design calculations.
  • Itemised budget estimate.


Rules/Standards: NFPA and ICPE

Assignment: Engineering

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Budget analysis for the fire protection of buildings F26 and F32, and solvent storage tank farms RT61 to RT 66 at the Bolbec facility in Normandy.
  • Detailed drawings of piping systems.
  • Hydraulic design calculations.
  • Writing of technical specifications and equipment definition.
  • Site work follow-up and acceptance of the installations.

BASF – Clermont de l’Oise

Rules/Standards: APSAD

Assignment: Basic preliminary design phase

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Basic preliminary design relating to the thirty-year review to restore compliance of the automatic water sprinkler-type protection installations in warehouse D210 at the BASF site in Clermont-de-l’Oise (north of Paris).
  • Result of the initial audit (summary tables listing the discrepancies between the current installations and the new reference standard).
  • Zoning plan of risks and control valves.
  • Verification of site coherence.
  • Basic design of the various conceivable technical solutions.
  • Process flow diagrams of the planned solutions.
  • Budget estimate of the various solutions.
  • Technical/economic comparison chart highlighting the advantages and drawbacks of each solution.