Infrastructures and Armed Forces

Here are just some of the projects conducted by Cyrus Industrie in the Infrastructures and Armed Forces sector.

Direction des Travaux Maritimes –  Brest

Rules/Standards: APSAD

Assignment: Client assistance.

High-expansion foam protection of the storage and maintenance pods for the French Navy’s Rafale aircraft fleet.

  • Basic preliminary design.
  • Writing of the particular technical specifications.
  • Site work follow-up and supervision.

Rules/Standards: NFPA 409

Assignment: Audit and feasibility study

Restoration of fire extinguishing systems in the “ZI Nord” hangars to original performance levels.

  • Feasibility study.
  • System audit.
  • Basic preliminary and detailed engineering design.
  • Tender documentation.
  • Construction documents.

Rules/Standards: APSAD R5

Assignment: Client assistance.

The implementation of a fire detection system and fire hose reels are recommended.

  • Phase 1: Feasibility study.
  • Phase 2: Client assistance mission.
  • Phase 3: Writing of tender documentation.
Rules/Standards: APSAD

Assignment: Client assistance.

Client assistance mission during the Construction phase for the fire protection work package at the MRTT maintenance centre at the Istres air base.

  • Supply of the list of documents to be produced, requested by the contractor, to the prime contractor.

  • Assistance with subcontractor selection.
  • Approval of construction documents.
  • Assistance with acceptance operations and test follow-up.
  • Analysis of quotes in the event of alteration work.
  • Verification of as-built records.


Rules/Standards: DCNS (Naval Group)

Assignment: Design and manufacture of subassemblies

Design and manufacture of cylinder racks for fire protection of the Foudre Landing Platform Dock (LPD) by a semi-fixed CO2 installation.

DDE  – Base aérienne d’Avord

Rules/Standards: DCNS (Naval Group)

Assignment: Audit and feasibility study

Design phase:

  • Audit of the low-expansion foam protection installations for the AWACS hangar.
  • Feasibility study for restoration following various malfunctions.

Rules/Standards: DCNS (Naval Group)

Assignment: Technical assistance.

Fire protection of export frigates by FM200 gas modules for the electronics and propulsion rooms.

  • System design.
  • Design calculations.
  • Writing of specifications for outsourced specific equipment.
  • Monitoring of production at the subcontractors’ premises.

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